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About Me


Name: Jordy Vonk
Date of Birth: 14-06-1993
Place of Birth: Sassenheim, Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch
Studied: Commercial Economics at Johan Cruyff University.
Profession: Professional slalom Windsurfer
Home spot: Westeinder plassen, Netherlands


My current PWA world tour standings

4th in logo pwa


  • Wind is back in town
  • Searching the limits
  • Yesterday I deciced
  • Still trying 🤪❌
  • Waiting for these co
  • You don’t need the
  • 6.2 and 98L full spe
  • What an amazing firs
  • Scarborough yesterda
  • Walking down hoping
  • White water fun 💦
  • Some proper waves co
  • Decided to take a cl
  • Cape Town delivered
  • Oh yes it’s that t
  • Why I like light win
  • Have a good weekend
  • Sick of all the blue
  • One more session bef
  • Bonaire delivers on


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